About Fathia Absie

fathia-Absie_400x400Fathia M. Absie is a Somali American freelance writer and filmmaker, and a former Voice Of America broadcaster/reporter.  After many years of working as a social worker with an immensely diverse population and different communities, Ms. Absie decided that it was time to pursue a life-long dream of storytelling. Hearing each other’s stories can help us realize that we are more alike than we are unlike.

Fathia Cali Pic 3As a native Somali and a concerned citizen of the world, Ms. Absie felt the desperate urgency to tell and document the stories of Somali women and children, whose plight is seldom reported in-depth. She sees them as the innocent victims of a cruel civil and extremist war in Somalia. Even those who were fortunate enough to escape the death and destruction in their native country and made it to the safety of the U.S. and other Western countries have to once more face the insanity of war in their new and adapted countries.

P1010281She says, “I feel a sense of urgency to tell the silent sufferings of the Somali people and share it with the world. My hope is to inspire change trough the lenses and the power of social media.”

Broken Dreams is her first documentary. Her latest film is a narrative called The Lobby, a love story about friendship and cultural differences.